Choose Healthy Creatures

Our society is enamored with meat. Have you ever noticed? Among expensive dinners that ‘common folk’ can afford are ribs, seafood, smoked meat, etc. And I wonder why, in a culture that eats meat as if we were carnivores, do we eat so much “junk” meat?

Is it due to finances, to availability, due to a lack of land and ability to raise animals, partly from lack of information and interest? Or is it the time it takes?

I believe in eating good, naturally fed meat. Oh, I’m not the ‘feed animals only organic food, free from genetic modifications’ type of person. One day, I hope to be! But we change one step at a time.


Recently our landlord had his hogs ‘done up’ by a local fella & his lady partner, so my man and I walked over to investigate. We watched and asked a few questions. The man did the bulk of the work while the woman chatted with us.

Previously to meeting her partner, she had processed meats commercially, but due to ‘behind the scenes’ activities, she quit. She told us story after story of her experiences. I have no way to validate what she told us, but she refuses to buy burger and anything from the store that is marinated.

Oh, some things were not so bad, like injecting whole birds with liquid to help with flavor and to aid in preservation before freezing (and to get more $ for less meat). Read about this practice here: “Plumping the Chicken” from Angela at

And wings that so many like to eat while watching hockey games or the super bowl?

“The chicken wings were green in color, yet I was ordered to bleach and sanitize ’em, then carry on with the marinade.”

And beef burger? According to her, there’s more to it than good ole’ meat and fats!

She proceeded to tell us stories that I won’t repeat, cause like I said, I have no way of verifying it. Needless to say, after our chat I lost my desire to eat marinated store-bought meat. And burger. And chicken! Let’s just say store-bought meat in general!

Want to go healthier lifestyle? Change over to healthily fed animals! And meat that isn’t so old and gross they are bleaching and ‘marinading’ it to cover up the underlying issues. And burger where you choose the age and also what goes into the grinding process!


I know! It isn’t possibly for everyone to raise their own meat! I get that. But could you buy grass-fed beef or naturally raised birds from a farmer you know? Or buy a beef calf, raise it on a neighbor’s land and split the results? Or raise meat birds or hogs? Join up with someone who is? Remember, life (especially homesteading) was about living it together!

Hunting is another great option for natural meat. However, venison is stronger in flavor than beef. Deer can be particularly gamey. But in most cases, its good solid meat! The area you live in and your available time will determine how easy it is to fill the freezer. Hunting isn’t always the way to get 100% natural meat either: if you live in valley where deer or elk primarily feed on farmer’s crops, they will be picking up on GMO’s, pesticides, etc. Though not nearly so much as with one who is raise 100% on those foods. And it will cost a bit of something to get set up, unless you have a friend with a rifle!

I know life and change comes one step at a time! If looking to change your meat, start small. Hogs or meat birds are short-term commitments! Try it yourself or with a neighbor. Learn to cook with natural meat. Get used to the change.

I like to know what my animals eat. I like to know the meat still has nutrition in it. I like to know how long it sat, if it was bled properly, to know it went directly from nature’s hands to my own and to the freezer. I’m so grateful we have the opportunity to raise meat birds with friends, bring up our own heritage turkeys, hunt the wooded mountains for elk and deer. I believe its a worthwhile investment for our health!