Whole or Chunked Vegetables

While sauerkraut or grated veggies make for a delicious, easy-to-chew ferment, vegetables may also be fermented whole or in chunks. Large, hard root vegetables ought to be sliced into halves or quarters for quicker penetration, while tomatoes, cucumbers and beans may be left whole.

These vegetables may be served as a cold side dish or grated into green salads during the winter months.

Chunked Vegetables -if you run out of space with your whole root vegetable storage, chunking your vegetables is a great way to preserve ’em for the winter months! They can still be grated into salads or eaten fresh. A great pop of flavor for any meal!

Beans & Cucumbers -put ’em in the jar with whole with garlic, dill and mustard see for good ole’ traditional fermented flavor.

Tomato & Parsley Salsa -fermented salsa has a different flavor, but its delicious! After the fermenting is under way, it can be stashed away in the cold room and eaten all winter long!

Mild Green Tomato Salsa -an over-flow of green tomatoes requires fermented green salsa! This recipe makes a large batch!

Whole Tomatoes -raw tomatoes with basil and salt, to be eaten as a cold side dish