Turnip & Dill

It’s another old fashioned recipe from a vintage cookbook! Previous to my reading of this special bit of literature, I thought only cabbage and beets served as a base for fermenting. I was tickled to find an old recipe that was for fermented turnip and was eager to try it! Now I’m eager to try rutabagas as well!

Somehow, unlike I thought, this ferment seems delicate and mild in comparison to the boldness of cabbage and onions! Next time I want to attempt turnips, carrot, dill and garlic. I think it would be ‘out of this world!’ But that’s me, with my peculiar tastes!

I used the “Ideal” Purple Top Milan Turnip (its a heirloom variety) and while I did grate up some of the peel, I did remove 1/3 of it. These guys have kicking flavor in the peel!


Fermented Turnip with Fresh Dill

  • 5 lbs (2 kg) turnips
  • 10-12 feathery leaflets from fresh dill
  • 3 Tbs salt (per 5 lbs)

Directions: peel turnips if you wish for a mild flavored ferment.

  1. Wash turnips well and remove any ‘bad’ spots, along with any worms
  2. Place grater on a tray to catch juice.
  3. And then grate! grate! grate! dumping shredded goods into a crock or large glass bowl.
  4. When through, transfer grated turnips to crock in thirds, sprinkling 1 Tbs salt over each layer.
  5. Cover crock with  towel and let set 12-24 hrs, allowing salt to pull out the juices.
  6. After 12-24 hrs, finely chop dill.
  7. Transfer grated turnip to jars in 1 inch layers, lightly sprinkling fresh dill between each.
  8. Seal with lid and set in a moderately warm place. Remember to burp the jars for the first 7-12 days!
  9. And then? Enjoy!


I was mostly finished before I thought to photograph my mess!


2 gal crock full of fluffy, grated turnip


24 hrs later the juices are working!
5 lbs of grated turnips=two packed, 1/2 gallon jars of fermented goodness