Trapping Mice

Most natural homes (especially the older ones) have critters, such as flies, bugs, spiders and…(ahem), mice. I don’t mind bugs. I can handle ’em. But mice crawling on my counter? No go!

No only is it disgusting, but everything has to be wiped down and sanitized. The vinegar or vodka based cleaner will suffice! But still…mice are dirty and can carry diseases. As winter settles in each year, we usually get a mouse or two in our house. Sigh.

My man came up with an ingenious way to catch ’em in the little, convenience store mousetraps! Here’s how:

How to Set a Trap That Works

We almost gave up on the little mousetraps. It seemed we fed more mice than we caught! Over and over, the peanut butter would disappear and I’m certain the little vermin was chuckling behind the wall at the thought of his next meal while we scratched our heads, wondering what to do next.

And then? We hit it!

Raisins. Sticky, sweet raisins. The mice go crazy over ’em! When jammed under the curl of the trap’s plate, they stick real well! The mice just have to get that raisin and in their attempts to get the sticky goods, they tug at it too hard and then, snap!

Goodbye lil’ mouse! You should have found a nice shed or barn to call home instead!