The Key to Nutritiously Preserved Food

Nutritious food is something everyone wants (at least after they get sick), but how do we go about it?

Perhaps you’ve taken up fermenting vegetables from the grocery store. Or according to the new craze, have begun using the bones from commercially-raised chickens for a broth that you freeze or pressure can.

Canning Chicken Broth

Maybe you’ve taken to making your own jams and jellies, using less sugar. How about fruit halves in syrup? Maybe you’re into canning sauces or pickles?

It’s all wonderful!

But its important to remember: just because you personally preserve your food it doesn’t change the nutritional content of the goods!

Where is the food coming from? How long did it sit before it came to you? How was it grown and what was it grown in? What kind of sprays were used to ‘protect’ it?

And how can you be certain the goods you preserve are better than the store-bought counterpart?

Pressure Canning Tomatoes

If you buy from the grocery store…there is no way to tell. But you can rest assured that foods have been sprayed (yes, even organic labeled food is allowed a small amount of it), most of ’em were fed chemical fertilizers at some point in their lives, some are GMO products, some are picked green and allowed to ripen over months of time, and lots of ’em are just plain old and lacking in flavor and nutrition. 

So the truth of the matter is this: canning enables you to control the type of container goods are preserved in. You can control the ingredients that go into the jar. But you can’t control the nutritional content of it.

Fermenting in your home allows you to use good salts and play with the flavors and variety, enables you to feed raw enzymes to your gut. But you can’t control the nutritional content of it.

Freezing enables you to have the in-between of canning and fermenting. You choose how food goes into the freezer and how long they sit. But you can’t control the nutritional content of those goods!

The key to nutritiously preserved food is obvious, isn’t it?

“If you want nutrition in the end product, begin with nutritious food!

And the best way to get it? If possible, raise it yourself! Take up gardening or cold room storage, rearing meat birds or a hog, take up foraging and freezing! Is the demand too high?

Buy from farmer’s markets, from reputable companies who carry wholesome products. Buy locally where you can talk with the farmer about procedures and such. Know of a reliable nearby neighbor who has land but doesn’t use it? Look into community homesteading.

If you want nutrition you’ve gotta start with it, whether freezing, canning, fermenting or raw food preservation.