Storing Fruits

Among all the fruit we grow in North America, there are only a few that store well in your own personal cool room. Shelf life will not be long! If wrapping in paper, don’t use newspaper. Ink and fruit don’t mix!


The best keeper among the fruit! If looking to store for a few months, they can set out on shelves with space between each. For longer storage life, wrap each apple in paper, set in box and place straw between layers. Insulate with blanket. Note: do not store near potatoes as gasses released cause sprouting!


Citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes)

Citrus can be left out on the shelves of your cool room. Shelf life will equal that of life in your refrigerator! Check regularly for mushy, soft fruits.


The right grape varieties will keep up 1-2 months if stems are kept in a water source. Don’t wash fruits as you’ll remove their protective coating. These fruits need at least 80% humidity for long-term storage. Keep in open air with good ventilation.


Treat as you would apples but be aware that they will spoil sooner. We prefer to keep them on an open, bottom shelf where they can be picked through on a regular basis.