Skin Moisturizers

I firmly believe the best we can do for our skin is to drink enough water and eat healthy, wholesome foods! A daily intake of good oil is equally important. For most of us battling with skin problems, a change in diet will address whatever those issues are!

Here are a few toxin-free, skin care recipes that can easily be made in your own kitchen.


Infused Oils -infused oils make an amazing quick-absorbing moisturizer, plus make for a great facial oil.

While infused oils are the lightest, Herbal Lotion and Deep Skin Moisturizer (aka whipped butter) fall into the medium category. They take longer to absorb and can leave the skin a wee bit ‘sticky’ for a while after. If dealing with seriously dry skin, they can be a great option.

-the heaviest skin moisturizers contain the highest quantities of beeswax. Skin will be sticky for a long while after applying and (in my mind) ought to be used only for the thickest and driest of skin