Selling Heritage Turkey Eggs

While it does cost more to raise heritage turkeys, they can also make more profit per egg than either the chicken or duck. As always, location is important and the bigger the pond, the better chance you have of making a profit.

There are two ways to make money on turkey eggs. I’ll give you hint! Think frying pan or incubator.

I know! That was too easy!

As I’ve already mentioned, there is a market for turkey eggs due to digestion issues so many people battle with. I wouldn’t recommend that you begin raising heritage turkeys if your goal is egg production. It won’t pay off! But if you are raising ’em for meat and eggs are a bonus…I say “go for it!”

Selling Eggs for Eating

How do you find customers? The local paper, online facebook farming group, craigslist or kijiji, farmer’s market, or even a roadside sign! Be certain to advertise your eggs as ‘unfertilized’ or ‘eating’ eggs.

Selling eggs for eating is much easier than selling fertilized eggs. Why? If eggs are dirty you can wash and refrigerate ’em, you don’t have to be particular about how you store them and you don’t have to make certain the tom is “working” before selling!

Prices, you ask? I’m not qualified to give an answer. Where I live today, I could probably get $10 per dozen but that entirely depends upon your location and the need. In the perfect environment you could probably get $12 per dozen. Before the $$$ sign appears in your eyes…remember! This is just my opinion and I really don’t have a solid platform to stand on!

Yep. Selling eggs for eating is a ‘cinch!’

But…you will hit one little-or rather big-dilemma: some turkey eggs (especially the large ones) won’t fit in chicken’s cartons. You’ll need at least two of the trusty lil’ cardboard things to secure 12 eggs. And even then, the lids won’t close properly! Sometimes, a makeshift carton is a good idea. Like a cardboard box with dividers or else a basket with cloth between the layers.

See what I mean? Any guesses on which are the turkey eggs?
Chicken, duck and heritage turkey eggs. Do you recognize each one?


Fertilized Eggs for Sale

If looking to sell eggs for money, this is it! Of course it will depend on the bird’s breed and your location, but many of the fertilized heritage turkey eggs are selling at the Murray McMurray hatchery (USA) for approximately $5 an egg! Whew!

Advertising? Same as before, only this time make certain you advertise ’em as “fertilized turkey eggs.” If you advertise online via craigslist or kijiji, you may have people wanting egg through postal mail. You’d have to decide if you wanted to mess with all that. I’ve never done it so can’t give my input!

Fertilized eggs from pure breeds sell best and at the highest prices. If undertaking this endeavor, there are a few things you’ll want to be certain of. Selling or buying eggs for hatching is always a gamble but there are a few things that will help ensure success:

  1. The tom is of the proper age (no older than 5 yrs) and is currently breeding. While you may not catch him in the act, if he has been strutting for 2-3 weeks, you are usually safe.
  2. For pure breeds, make certain that the only birds in the egg-collecting pen are a tom and hens of the same breed. If you have a mixed flock, separate ’em until you get the amount of eggs needed.
  3. There ought to be no more than 10 hens to a tom or chances of egg fertility decreases
  4. Egg production ought to be high enough to fill your customer’s order within two weeks’ time. Hatch-ability of egg decreases after 12-14 days.
  5. When storing fertilized eggs, place in carton with small size down!
  6. Never, ever refrigerate ’em or you may kill the egg’s chances of hatching!
  7. It’s best to store eggs a cool place (my cold room in spring is perfect) at approx 50F.
  8. You may practice carton tilting (raising one end up several inches) and alternate each day.
  9. Never wash the eggs as you’ll remove the protective coating on the shell. If eggs are dirty and can’t be rubbed moderately clean with a dry cloth, eat ’em and collect more the following day.

Depending on your breed this may be a worthwhile option! As always, do the research for your area and decide if its worth the effort and also the price you ought to ask.