Home remedies. Often associated with old wives tales, some of us throw them out while others swear by ’em! Here I offer those used in my own home, backed by more than superstition! And let’s face it: the human body is complex! Sometimes the body responds well to particular herbs or ‘natural’ treatments while at other times, it does not.

But before we jump into some great recipes, we need to acknowledge our reality: what you eat on a regular basis, the stress and amounts of sleep you ‘feed’ your body makes far more of a difference than any herb, tincture or ‘natural’ remedy you could concoct! Take care of yourself, listen to your body and its less likely you’ll catch that winter cold, flu or virus.

With a compromised immune system, I keep many different things on hand and try to take them throughout the winter months. A great protection can be found in the liquids you drink throughout the day.

But here’s some home remedies for you. And its important to note that while one remedy may work for a long while, it is healthy to change up your immune supports as the body can become unresponsive to it after a year-or-so’s time!

Kick the Cold Tincture -tastes horrible but it works! A vodka base, it contains rose hips, elderberry, yarrow and goldenrod. Placing 4-5 drops under the tongue every 2 hrs can make a difference!

“Stay Away” Juice-composed of onions, garlic and optional vinegar, this will kill anything…

Rose Hip Vinegar -when fruits are submerged in raw apple cider vinegar (which helps maintain the pH of the body), this is a loaded deal!

Rose Hip Syrup -canning is another method of preservation!