Pressure Canning Tomatoes

I like safe shortcuts when it comes to canning. While I fully recommend you stick to most everything in the recipe, I do skimp on some things. Oh, not acidity levels, processing times or ingredients. Just the preparation. Like peeling and coring the tomatoes. For my personal kitchen use, I don’t care if there’s a bit “extra” in there!

Pressure-canning herbal tomatoes


As with most food, the peel contains high amounts of the “good stuff.” Blanch, slice and jar. That’s all I do! Later, I’ll toss ’em into soups or blend ’em up for tomato sauce. At the time of tomato harvest I am usually busy and just need to get the job done!

Pressure Canning Tomatoes


Canning Chunked Tomatoes

When gathering tomatoes it can be difficult to know how much! For this recipe, it takes approx 21 lbs tomatoes. That is approx 3 lbs of fruit per quart.

In each quart jar place:

  • 2 Tbs vinegar (5 % acetic acid)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp dried basil
  • pinch of rosemary
  • 2-3 garlic cloves

Directions: clean garden-fresh tomatoes, removing the stems. Place water on to boil. I have a 3 gallon stockpot with colander insert. When full, it holds the perfect amount for 7 quart of tomatoes! Fill colander with whole, clean tomatoes. Prepare pressure canner as per directions.

Wash jars and place all ingredients (except tomatoes) inside.

Canning Whole Tomatoes

When water boils, insert colander full of tomatoes. Let simmer for 60 seconds or until skins break. Remove tomatoes and plunge into cold water or just slice ’em up!

I cut mine into halves and large ones into quarters. Pack tightly into jars. Top off with hot water from blanching. Wipe rims and seal with lids. Pop into pre-warmed canner and process according to altitude.

Click on National Food Preservation for lists, times, PSI and more safe canning instructions!

Here, at just over 2,000ft elevation with a weighted gauge pressure canner, I use 15 lbs pressure and process for 10 minutes.