Preserved in Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural preservative and is also kills bacteria, fungus and mold, which makes it a great option for preserving food, tangy though it may be! As always, if keeping long term they should be stored in the cold room that holds to winter temperatures.

Root vegetables ought to be grated for quick penetration. Garlic and onions should be peeled, then submerged. Peppers (or tomatoes) must be pricked for vinegar to quickly enter and do its work.

But beware! These are strongly flavored ferments! You won’t want a mouthful of this stuff …unless you enjoy drinking vinegar! They are best in small portions. Use ’em as a relish on sandwiches, as a topping to salads or in salad dressings.

Garlic N’ Vinegar -a canning free recipe of preserving raw garlic in raw vinegar

Onions & Such -preserve onions and peppers with basil in a jarful of vinegar