Oral Care

Ever since I was a kid, I hated brushing my teeth! It wasn’t the process, but the aftermath. I couldn’t handle how my mouth felt, particularly after waking in the morning. Dry, almost sticky and with a horrible “taste.” It felt as if something had died in my mouth. Sometimes I’d brush without toothpaste. Sometimes, I’d skip the brushing completely and skip to bed before mom asked.

As I grew older (and especially when I became aware of my CLD) and began kicking chemicals and “junk” out of my diet, I changed to straight-up baking soda. Horrible tasting stuff and quite harsh on the teeth, but I preferred it to toothpaste.

Ever read the label and warnings on a toothpaste tube? You aren’t supposed to eat that stuff, yet its OK to hold it in my mouth for a minute or so?! Hmm.

Baking soda grew old and was rough on my teeth, so I began searching for alternatives. I get to share ’em with you guys today! But before I do, did you know during the Edwardian era people brushed their teeth with hardwood charcoal? Really and truly! I’m curious to know if there are benefits and if so, the redneck gal in me wants to try it out!

Tooth Care Recipes

Humic Mineral Tooth Powder -we currently use this recipe as it takes little effort to prepare. We’ve been using this for over a year and love it!

Humic Mineral’s Toothpaste-do you like using paste or want the lil’ munchkins to have the benefit of brushing with minerals without the mess of a powder? Check it out!

Remineralizing Toothpaste– its another post from Katie of wellnessmama.com! This one contains a base of calcium powder and offers many a good thing to your teeth. Check out all her natural tooth care ideas.