Natural Hygiene


Lymph nodes are found in the armpit. They play a vital role in filtering ‘junk’ out of the body. Use good stuff to kill the bacteria causing bad odors!

Skin Moisturizers

Infused Oils-also known a facial oil, this is my favorite. Light and fast to absorb, its relatively cheap and is easily made from herbs and foraged plants.

Herbal Lotion -like a creamy, liquid-like substance for the skin? Here it is, made in your own kitchen!

Deep Skin Moisturizer -need something thicker and more extreme? This one is incredibly popular on the web today. Whipped body butter is another name for it!

Skin Balm-made with oil that has been infused in rose hips and black spruce (or fir will suffice), this recipe carries a wild and earthy odor. A favorite!


Hair Care

Soap-Nut & Oat Milk Shampoo Bar if you come visiting, you might be surprised to see nothing but soap bars in our shower. Surprise! The light brown one is for the hair and does beautiful things to it!

Hair Moisturizer-Katie of does it again! She offers great information to anyone looking for natural hair care. Looking to go that way? Check out her natural hairspray as well!


Oral Care

Humic Mineral Powder -don’t want any prep in making your toothpaste? This is simple as it gets with a mineral loaded boost. Treat those teeth like living organisms

Humic Mineral’s Toothpaste-if you don’t like the mess of powders, this toothpaste can be a great option. Suitable for children in particular.

Remineralizing Toothpaste -its another one from Katie that I’ve personally tried and liked. The difficult part? Getting my hands on a good calcium powder. Where I live in the north, we can’t get it in the health food store. I believe its a worthwhile try if you are looking to go all natural!