We all know its important to drink water throughout the day, though we often lack the action to prove it! When it comes to the winter season of colds, viruses and flu bugs, what you drink can either help or inhibit your immune system.

Sugary drinks? We all know the answer to that one! How about plain ole’ water? Yeppers! That’s a good one. But what if you added immune boosting ‘stuff’ to your everyday water? Think of it: instead of popping in a vitamin C pill or taking echinacea drops under the tongue every morning, why not put the good stuff in your water, which you can then sip throughout your day?

Here are some simple-yet-helpful liquids that will help ward off the cold or flu your family or friends have!

Lemons N’ Water-though it seems too simple, balancing the acidity levels of your body enables it to fight to its full potential. And the extra boost of vit C found in the lemon juice also helps.

Flu-Avoiding Water -it’s a powerful drink, to be taken for 1-2 weeks at a time before taking a break

Immune Boosting Juice -though tailored specifically to the contents of my freezer and cool room shelf, its a great alternative if you can’t stomach ‘just water.’ It does take some extra work to put up and make!

Rose & Lemon Liquid  -lemons and canned rose hip syrup are the additives to this drink. Simple and quick, this one is a life saver during those busy winter months.