Lemons N’ Water

Too simple? Yes, it sounds too simple! Yet this is the basic staple that sees me through those long winter months. And due to the lemon (which is acidic but when taken internally neutralizes the body’s pH), I drink my daily liquid from a glass mason jar. Plus, its a great way to measure liquid intake!

Lemons help neutralize the pH of our bodies. Most of us (unless we’re vegetarian), have bodies that are far too acidic. And the wrong kinds of bacteria have an easier time taking hold of our bodies when we are ‘out of balance.’

Lemon juice will help maintain a good balance, plus give our bodies a shot of vitamin C. If you sip it throughout the day (as you ought with water), the body is continually fed the vitamin in an easily digestible manner.

Lemons with a hint of echinacea and stevia to sweeten!

I hardly feel the need to write up a recipe, but here it is:

Lemon N’ Water

  • 1 quart mason jar
  • 1 large lemon (or 2 small)
  • water to fill jar
  • (optional) 5-6 drops echinacea
  • (optional) 4-5 drop of liquid stevia

Directions: juice lemon and pour into clean jar. Add drop of stevia if needed to enjoy liquid. Fill remaining space with water. Drink throughout the day and be sure to finish by night!