Infused Oils

When I started up my all natural, home-based skin care business, infused oils were also advertised as facial oil due to their lightness and quick absorption. I still love using it on my face today.

While essential oils are the current craze and do have their benefits, I guess I’m a live-off-the-land type of gal! I prefer to grow and forage my own goods for infusions, instead of dropping oil from a bottle.

Need a project for the children? Teach ’em to forage the plants, infuse and then strain the oils, then teach ’em how to use it in natural skincare products!
Black spruce in olive oil

To begin?

Let’s visit “light” oils and herbs, suitable for the face and even babies. Choose the type of oil and herbs you wish to use. The following make great options for a light, gentle, quick-absorbing skincare

“Apricot kernel, avocado, hemp and jojoba oil”


When using herbs, choose mild ones! Sometimes a hint of stronger herbs are nice in the combination, but only a hint! Commonly found gentle herbs include:

“Calendula, chamomile, lavender, rose hips”
Calendula & Chamomile in Apricot Kernel Oil

If you wish for a kick of antibacterial properties, the common herbs that may be included are:

“Rosemary, sage, thyme, peppermint”

Oils infused with stronger herbs may help control skin fungus’, etc. Infusing herbs is simple, cheap, and its fun! Nothing will make you feel so self-sufficient as making your own skincare from herbs you foraged or grew in the back yard! One word of caution to you? Don’t get too carried away! It’s easy to make far too much in the excitement of making and doing.
Straining Out Herbs

Making Infused Oils

Once you have chosen and purchased your oil, foraged or bought your herbs, the process is very simple.

  1. Using a pint (500 ml) glass jar, fill 1/2 of the way with herbs (fresh or dry). Note: if using stronger herbs in your infusion, jars content should hold no more than 1/5 of them.
  2. Pour oil over until it covers herbs by 1/2-1 inch.
  3. Set in a dark place for 8-10 weeks.
  4. Shake and then strain oil. Place cloth over glass jar and secure with canning ring. Add herbs/oil as needed until oils have drain through completely.
  5. Discard herbs and bottle up oil in a convenient-to-use container and apply to skin as needed or use oil in the other recipes given here!


Favorite Variations

Black Poplar Bud Infusion

Rose Hip & Black Spruce

Chamomile & Calendula

Lavender & Mint

Rosemary & Mint


It sounds too simple, but some things are so good that they must be true!