Humic Mineral Powder

Humic or fulvic minerals, either one works in a powder form. Exactly what are these strangely-named minerals? Katie of has a full post on the benefits. Summarized, they are rich mineral deposits and brushing your teeth with ’em will make for clean teeth that have been exposed to lots of goodness!

This is so simple there’s hardly need to write it out!

Humic Tooth Powder

  • 1 tsp humic mineral powder
  • 1/8 tsp cinnamon powder (optional)
  • pinch of clove powder (optional)
  • open container
  • toothbrush

Directions: Dump powders into the bottom of a 125ml glass jelly jar. Mix with a spoon. Wet the tip of your toothbrush and lightly touch in powder. Take your time brushing the teeth as there’s not much roughage. Rinse out mouth and also sink.

The down side to using this powder is that it’s black and when wet, tends to go “sticky.” Always transfer toothbrush from jar to mouth over the sink, or you’ll be wiping the counters often. Its a fine powder and is easy drop. Don’t take too much or you’ll get the flavor, while better than baking soda, isn’t the pleasantest.

As and adult I prefer this tooth powder, even to homemade toothpaste. If you have kids, this powder could quickly become messy. I’d recommend sticking to something that comes from a tube!