As I am passionate about natural and healthy meat, I thought it would be fun to walk you through raising my almost-favorite which is…turkeys! As my current blog doesn’t seem to support an e-book, this was the next best thing I could do! Enjoy!

An Intro

The Battle of the Breeds -learn the difference between heritage and broad breasted turkey breeds and the inevitable question: are heritage turkeys worth the effort?

Two Reasons to Raise Heritage Turkeys

Heritage Turkeys for Meat -is it a worthwhile effort? The answer is yes and no!

Heritage Turkeys & Eggs -what to expect for production, the benefits and nutritional content of these bird’s eggs.

Basic Bird Care

Caring for Mature Birds Want to know the basics for keeping these birds? Here’s a general outline.

Fencing for Heritage Turkeys –Fencing for birds that can fly well? Here’s how we keep our birds with open pen method!

Ranging Methods-let your birds live off the land, more-or-less.

Brooding & Poults

Natural Mothering -our setup, details in choosing hens to brood and the entire natural procedure is set out fer ya, plus a link to the real deal video on my facebook page!

Raising Poults-Week #1 -how we do it in our turkey tractors and principles to follow

Caring for the Brood: Week #2-6-poults need space as they mature and begin exploring the world. Here are our discoveries and how to do it safely! Lots of vidoes to show!

Predator Issues A visit from a hungry predator can have devastating effects! Learn from our mistakes!

Keeping Healthy Birds

Worms, Mites & Preventatives -if raising turkeys, you ought to know how to deal with issues before they get out of hand!

Where to Find Heritage Turkeys

(And how to care for motherless poults)

Finding & Buying Heritage Turkeys

Raising Incubated Poults-let’s face it! Even if ya love the idea of going natural with heritage turkeys, you’ve got to get ’em from somewhere. For most of us, that is a local hatchery!