Hair Care

Hair care products often contain some of the worst chemicals, particularly those in spray cans! Not only is that stuff hitting tender facial skin but you’re certain to breathe some in while giving yourself a ‘do.’ For me, its one more toxin thing I can kick out of the home! So I have, along with most commercial shampoos.

Dive in and check ’em out!

Soap Nuts & Oat Milk Bar:– keep shampooing simple and natural. While it takes a few times to learn the trick to using a bar on the hair, its also simple and makes for easy traveling or hiking! Pop the bar in and you’re ready to go!

Quick Hair Moisturizer: this one is so simple I’m posting it here: take 1 Tbs of coconut oil, shea butter or liquid oils (such as almond, castor or olive), and beginning at scalp, massage into head and slowly stroke downward, toward ends of hair. Place in bun and let soak in for 15-30 min. Wash quickly with a natural shampoo source (see soap bar above!) Note: different kinds of hair respond differently. Try one oil for a few weeks and if hair dries out and becomes brittle, change it up!

Natural Hairspray: Want a natural spray to help bring body and wave to the hair? Though this isn’t my own, once again Katie of has some great tips for you! Check out her sugar-based hairspray along with a compilation of natural hair-care items you can make from home!