Egg Recipes

Eggs are high in protein and just downright delicious! Did you know that those who are reactive to chicken eggs can often eat those of the duck or turkey? Yup! In my home, we eat all three!

If you wish to listen to a podcast highlighting the benefits of the duck egg, Melissa Norris of has holds a live interview with Lisa of fresheggsdaily. I found it to be quite intriguing!


Egg & Veggie Morning Dish This is one of my favorite spring recipes when the birds are once again laying strong and the garden is popping off those cool weather crops.

Garden Scrambled Eggs Another spring morning dish…this one resembles a omelette salad!

Greek Salad Omelette -this is a tasty omelette. But be creative with ’em! Use this recipe as a guide, but when it comes to omelettes, they are worth developing a favorite!

Quinoa Egg Casserole -I love quinoa and in an egg casserole…what more could you want?!

Scotch Eggs (high protein) -great when served with biscuits and gravy!

Zucchini Egg Pancakes-delicious, but really and truly it ought to named “Zucchini Omelette”

Zucchini Fritters -check out wellnessmama’s amazing selection of recipes…this is just a taste of her collection!