Dairy in a cool room? You betcha! It makes for a great place to cure cheeses in summer and also an amazing place to keep and let ’em cure over winter. No, it isn’t perfect. The humidity never is until you have a controlled environment. Around here, there’s no such thing as a ‘controlled environment,’ unless its found on the inside of my already-canned jars!

Dairy? Yes, dairy! Butter can be successfully stored in the cool room, along with soft and hard cheeses. Yogurt and kefir are safe as well, though if outdoor temperatures warm up, they may ‘ferment’ a bit more.

Fresh Butter! Let’s chat and discover how to safely preserve butter long-term in the cool room. It’s doable, I promise!

Buttermilk: If we’re talking butter, we’ve also got to talk buttermilk and how to use it as a natural starter culture for your homemade cheeses! ¬†

Cheeses of Hard and Soft- Get the run-down on the process with some basic recipes we use. These cheeses are basic, sturdy, old-fashioned as they were made before packaged cultures were available! These cheeses do taste different from anything you’ll find on the market but are vintage and lovelish in their own way!

Yogurt-its easy, so simple to make. You’ll be blown away. And it will keep for a long while in the cool room! In some cultures, yogurt stays on the counter top, even in summer. With raw milk, it will continue to ferment, instead of molding. The end product is sour but good!

Raw Clabbered Milk
Basic Farm Cheese with beeswax coating
Butter & Buttermilk making in the Bosch