While canning isn’t the #1 way to preserve nutritious food, it is a wholesome, handy way to provide for your home. It requires time! And if your time is money, it probably isn’t worthwhile. However, for a stay-at-home individual like myself who can’t work outside the home, it is a wonderful way to contribute to our efforts of staying healthy and getting ahead.

All the fruit-based recipes below are lightly sweetened with honey and are also pectin free. We believe in keeping our preserved goods natural, nutritious and low in added sugars. If you have a real sweet tooth, you’ll want to at least double the honey in each recipe.


Waterbath Canning Recipes

Fruits in Syrup

Canned Cherries -whole fruits in cherry juice, sweetened with a bit of honey

Plum Halves -fruit halves in a honey syrup make a sweet and tangy treat!

Whole Plums & Spice -pit your plums with this handy technique and cover with a honey-spiced syrup. You won’t regret it!

Sauces, Jams & Syrups

Apple Cider Syrup -an original, old-fashioned recipe for a powerfully-flavored, thick syrup

Applesauce with Pear & Rosehips-a delicious twist on a traditional sauce!

Blackberry Plum Jam-

Blackberry Cordial -a sweet liquid to pour over pancakes, ice or add to other juices for a twist in the flavor!

Elderberry Sauce– a replacement for cranberry  at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

Thimble Peach Preserves-the combination of thimble berries and peaches makes thick, chunky-like preserves with a strong pop of flavor! Or try out flavor-popping plain thimble jam, found here: Another Thimble Recipe

Pear Preserves with Honey -a golden spiced pear sauce poured over slices of fruit…this recipe must be added to your collection!

Healthful Recipes

Dandelion Root Syrup-add to juices in winter or take as a syrup for its liver-boosting properties!

Rose Hip Mint Syrup -add to teas, winter juices or take as a syrup for a vitamin C support in the winter months. If you don’t like mint, here’s the plain ole’ Rose Hip Syrup  recipe!

Pickled Goods

Pickled Carrots & Garlic Scapes-spring-thinned baby carrots, garden fresh garlic scapes, savory dill and the option for spice!

Pressure Canning Recipes

Pressure Canned Chicken (bone in) -want a method that requires very little prep work before tossing meat into jar? If you can wield a knife this recipe is for you.

Homesteader’s Broth-basic and simple broth made from birds or venison, I save the canned jars for nourishing winter soups and gravies.

Snap Beans -garden-canned beans with all the flavor needed! Pop open a can and heat until warm. Serve directly.

Spicy Pulled Chicken (like Pork)-spicy pulled meat with curry and chili peppers. This pressure canning recipe converts old birds into ‘pulled chicken.’ Tastes great on a bun!

Tomatoes, Whole -while tomatoes may be water-bath or pressure canned, this recipe covers pressure canning specifically.

Tomato Puree -this recipes includes seeds, core and peel, all pureed into a nutritious liquid, a great addition to chili and winter soups