Pressure Canned Chicken (bone in)

Having pressure canned chicken on hand is like having meal insurance in the kitchen cupboard! It can be added to casseroles or stir fry, wraps/sandwiches, soup and chili. The juicy contents of the jar make a delicious gravy for mashed potatoes! pressure canning recipe

Pressure canning is particularly good for old birds who have outlived their productive lifespan. Processing the meat in this manner makes ’em chew-able.

Pressure Canned Chicken (bone in)

  • 7 quart jars
  • 7 medium size butchered hens, divided up
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp parsley (or any herb except sage)
  • 1 tsp curry


  1. Cut breast meat off the bone of each bird and proceed to remove the thighs, dividing ’em from the legs. Remove each wing.
  2. If the bird has lots of yellow fat, trim off with a knife. Set meat aside.
  3. Toss the breastbones and back in a bag and freeze for making broth later on.
  4. In bottom of each quart jar place 1 tsp of salt, parsley and curry.
  5. Fill jar with meat by place legs in first. Layer the remaining space with wings, breast meat and thighs. Don’t pack ’em! Just drop into jar.                                                        
  6. Fill until 1 inch from top.
  7. Optional: if you’ve trimmed off the fat, its usually safe to add liquid in the form of water or chicken broth (I love chicken broth) so long as liquid content fills no more than 1/2 of the jar.
  8. Use a butter knife to release air bubbles.
  9. Dab a cloth in vinegar and wipe rims. Why vinegar? It removes fat juices!
  10. Place tin lid on jar and tighten with metal band.
  11. Pop into pressure canned and proceed according to your canner’s instructions. canning old hen

I live just over 2,000 ft in elevation. With a weighted-gauge pressure canner, I processed the meat according to the requirements for chicken with the bone in for 90 minutes at 15 lbs of pressure.