Blackberry Vinegar

There are blackberry vines tangled all throughout my kid life on the farm! While the fruits are deliciously sweet, I have even sweeter memories to accompany the flavor. Those were the days! Stuffing my mouth full as I ran home from the swimming hole, quenching thirst as I trotted through the fields in search of the elusive horse or cow, berry fights, warpaint for our young, over-active imaginations, of homemade pies and jams…blackberries were plentiful and always present on a summer day!

Or the kid favorite-of-all-time treat: place berries in a sandwich bag, mush ’em into a pulp, bite off the corner of the bag and suck out the berry “puree!” We were a bit strange, weren’t we?!!!

I no longer live in the land of plentiful blackberries but…my family does! And this year, I paid my lil’ sis to harvest and bring some to us. While she was here, we set ourselves to making blackberry cordial. Absolutely delicious!

When it was through we had leftovers of pulp and seeds. Was I going to throw it out???!

Not one ounce of the leftovers was going to the compost pail until I’d squeezed everything I could from those richly-flavored fruits!”

We’d used 2 gallons of berries in making cordial. And now? It was time for creativity. What could we dream up?


I plopped the strained goods into a 2 quart jar, dissolved 2 Tbs honey in 1 C water and poured the liquid over berry seeds and skins, finished by topping off with water.

blackberry vinegar (from leftovers)

I let it set for several days and then strained the seeds from liquid. Wanna know what I have fermenting in my upstairs pantry at this very moment?

blackberry vinegar

It’s the most delicious smelling mixture (probably because its in the “wine stage” of fermentation) and I have very high hopes of a wonderfully flavored vinegar!

And just a note: while this recipe is specifically for blackberries it will work for any of the “likened” varieties (raspberries, mulberries). If making cordials, syrups, jellies or juices, save the leftovers and make some delicious vinegar!

Blackberry Vinegar

  • 8 C blackberry “pulp” (seeds and skins)
  • 2 Tbs honey
  • 2 C water (estimate)


  1. Place blackberry pulp in jar.
  2. Place raw honey in a pint jar and add 1 C water. Screw on lid and shake until honey is dissolved.
  3. Pour over berry pulp. Top with the remaining 1 C water.
  4. Cover with lid and let sit 4-5 days.
  5. Strain through muslin cloth and keep juices.
  6. Place in a quart, wide-mouth jar, cover with coffee filter or cheesecloth. Secure with string or rubber band to keep fruit flies out…cause they’re gonna be drawn to it!
  7. Let set in moderate temperatures, allowing changes to take place.
  8. Skim foam when it appears or mold may grow in foam.
  9. Allow 2+ months for liquid to turn into vinegar.
  10. Makes a delicious additive to salad dressings, cold fruit juices or a tablespoon a day to keep healthy and strong!
  11. Makes: 3 C vinegar